Design Master HVAC

Design Master HVAC 6.0

Design ducts and make heating as well as cooling calculations

Create the duct layout, calculate pressure loss or sizing and design diffusers. Make various heat and calculations based on the size of the room, wall data and other parameters.

Design Master HVAC is an integrated HVAC building design and drafting program that runs on top of AutoCAD.
Drafting features include single-line and double-line 2D ductwork with automatic fittings and 3D ductwork.
Duct sizing calculations include constant pressure drop, constant velocity, and static regain. Pressure drop in the duct system can also be calculated.
Building load calculations are done using the ASHRAE CLTD method and compare favorable with other loads programs such as Elite CHVAC, Carrier HAP, Trane Trace, and Carmel Loadsoft.

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